Tuesday, November 03, 2015

3 November 2015 Blog with Pictures

I forgot to post in the previous blog that I went to see Kitty Flanagan at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco. It was very funny and I am glad I went along on a Thursday night after work. It was pretty much sold out and I was near the back, but the theatre isn't that big so I could still see ok. I never knew that she could do so many different impressions. I would go again. 
 I am pretty much just posting random pictures from my collection in the last month in order. Here is a crazy photo of myself at work that I sent a friend to show how much I was procrastinating at work.
I finished this cardigan in a 9 month size from the Patons #1271, Modern classic baby knits. I think I prefer the older construction of knitting. A lot of patterns in these days focus on the 'no seams' as people seem to be put off by the sewing. I agree that it always takes longer than I think it should but I like how it seems to make them sit that bit better. I especially like this button band which I sewed on as I went so I wouldn't make it too short/long. I posted it to my mum to pass on to a friend of her's as it should fit her granddaughter. 
 I went for a bit of a walk around Bold Park. That's Rachel's head. She wasn't quite awake after staying up to watch the All Blacks win at 3am.
A sad fact, but I am about 80% through Christmas shopping. Mostly unexciting gifts. I am heading to NZ for Christmas and thought I had better put something in my bag.
Here is an excellent meal that Reece prepared. It was like a bruscetta with fish instead of bread. Very nice and summery and light.
 Reece and I headed to the BeauVine Festival. It is meant to be a food and wine festival, but I can say it was more of a wine and condiment festival. Heaps of delicious wine, cider, beer and gin, but in the food department it was more like chilli sauce, relishes, oils, marinades and herds and spices. The line at the only place to get something for lunch was huge. The food was good though.
 They had this remote control chicken race. Very amusing. People were giving it a good go.
I finally finished this Cardigan for mum. I think it is quite heavy with the wool and I am not sure how it will wash, but it looks pretty at the moment. It took a while to line up the strips as you see them. I think I did ok. 
 Puddy enjoying the sunshine. No explanation needed.
I made this last summer? I think. I took it to Melbourne last weekend as I thought that it might fit Evie. Here she is all grown up. It's still a little loose but otherwise it fits well. Got some good feedback for future projects. I always like feedback. 
 Reece and I headed to a winery for the best meal I have had out in the last year. This was de Bortelli's restaurant.  We had a fantastic tasting plate to start with and followed by Lamb Agnolotti  and we shared a panna cotta for dessert. The wine was also fabulous and we purchased a few bottles for later.
 We were in Melbourne for PAXAus. This is the third year we have attended. I enjoyed myself immensely. We stayed late in the city on the first day, catching up with Reece's friend.

 For some reason I always like photographing Flinder's Street Station.
It happened to rain while we were waiting to catch the train on the second day. I put on my temporary tattoo's to show my support for the All Blacks in the world cup. 
Here we are sitting down for a moment, catching up with friends at the convention and having one of many coffee's consumed while in Melbourne.
 I was pretty exhausted by the third day, but it was still worth the three days as the Friday and the Sunday have the least number of people attending I think. Reece is always good at any game.
 I had a ten minute wait for the next train at Southern Cross station, so filled in the time trying for artistic shots. Keep in mind that I am not artistic at all.
 My train arriving.
A small ring-tail possum treated us with an appearance while we were having a bbq at Reece's parent's place. It's very cute. I am sorry about the picture quality. It was dark and I only had my phone on me. It kinda looks like a giant rat here, but I promise it was a very cute small possum. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

6 October 2015 An unexpected surprise

It seems like my posts are getting further and further apart. I wonder if one day, I just stop. It seems like such an effort. It is nice looking back at some of the things that I have been up to.  I really only seem to look back on my travelling posts though. 
I guess a few things have happened in the past couple of months. I turned a year older. I was going to have a pretty low key weekend except someone had other ideas. 
I ended up get out and about a lot more than expected. Luckily we ended up with a couple of nice days. 
Magnet helped with a puzzle. 
I got some incentives from my mum. 
And Reece and I headed out to the Kings Park Festival. I admired a lot of the wild flowers and was playing around with my camera when the batteries decided to expire. 

And don't you just want to smooch that face...

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 August 2015 Crafting

Here is the journey of the jersey for Blake:

Hopefully he will get another winter's use out of it. If it washes fine...

I made a vest, trying to use up some leftovers. Not too impressed with the design. It seems to be people are obsessed with knitting things in one piece. People have something against seaming. But I think some things lack structure using this method. Would probably not knit this again as written. 

Booties - cat approved... 

Test knit for Sue-ann's first published pattern - Reece approved...
I am working on a wee 4ply singlet and a 4 ply baby cardigan. I am also doing some knitting requested by mum. 
I went to my colleagues wedding. It was quite different, as we turned up, they had the ceremony and then food on platters and drinks with a lollie bar and then we all went home. About 4 hours in total. It was quite nice for the guests. 

I have done a bit of tidying in the garden. With the help from Magnet of course. 

Lots of spring bulbs appearing now. 
There has been socialising with friends and good coffee
A decent weekend spent sewing, under good supervision

And lots of Magnet time....