Tuesday, December 23, 2014

23 December 2014 Will this be the last blog for the year?

It's almost the end of 2014. I am not sure what sort of year it has been. What were the highs/lows? What am I taking away from 2014? Hmmmmm
The first half of the year I seemed a bit more productive. I did a lot more knitting and sewing than in the last 4 months. I did manage to paint the kitchen and laundry this year but I am disappointed that I haven't managed to do the ceiling and all the doors and frames are still untouched. 
A big highlight of the year was definitely my mum visiting us here in Perth. It was just perfectly lovely being able to show her our home and sit and gossip. 
I had the best birthday cards ever this year. I don't think it could ever be topped!! 

For Reece's birthday last week, I made Pecan Pie for the first time: 

And then I forced everyone to play Family Trivial Pursuit. That is the final picture of me winning...of course :-P

 I finally finally finished the t-shirt vest for the second time. I didn't like how it finished the first time, so I went back and added some length by making some white stripes and redoing the armholes and playing around with contrasting colours. I am much happier about it now. It is always depressing when it doesn't work out and sometimes I just want to bin it, but I am happy that I took the time to fix it. You learn more by trying to fix it and change things rather than it working the first time.
I headed to Rachel's the day after Reece's Birthday dinner and there was a huge fire in the Park between our places. This is at the start, it got a lot worse and the smoke was directly going through Rachel's suburb. Not very pleasant. 
I am now all excited about going to New York next week. Which is probably why this might be the last post for the year. We are going to Melbourne tomorrow until Monday and then I head to New York on Tuesday. I can't express how excited I am. I have been looking up shows and art galleries and museums. And it is going to be COLD!! Bring it. I am over Summer already Perth! I think I might take some sock knitting...
Here is Magnet all content and purring this morning before I put him in his carry box and took him Kitty Prison.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

9 December 2014 Annual Christmas Decoration Making

 For the past few Christmas's I have made my nephew's personalised Christmas Decorations. Here are this year's ones. I used this pattern from Ravelry and the wool is just some odds and ends (8ply) that I had lying around. It really didn't use much at all. 

 Here is Magnet eyeing it off:

 The  'All MINE!' pictures:

The finished Decorations:

Magnet wanted to sign the Christmas Cards too: 

Let's hope they get their destinations before Christmas. I am a little behind this year, but they are finished now.

Monday, December 08, 2014

8 December 2014 Already a 1/4 of the way through the month

December is the fastest month of the year. And this year is no exception. I feel like yesterday was only the first and now it is the eighth already.

Magnet's equivalent of sitting on Reece's Paper while he is trying to read it.
I have made the executive decision in our house to not put up a Christmas tree and decorations. There really isn’t any point. We are heading off to Melbourne for Christmas and then I am going to New York for New Years. If I put them up, I wouldn't be able to take them down until the end of January. I can quite confidently say that I will not feel like that when I fly in and will be trying to time change and be busy back at work.
Reece is still flying away to work at the moment. He isn’t in the Northern Territory at the moment, but at Meekatharra/Cue area, only an hour’s flight away. He will be home tomorrow and then only one more swing before Christmas.
On his last break we were busy busy. I took him to the ‘Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning Conference’ dinner. The meal was very good and the table we were on was quite conversational and inclusive. Not like the ‘Iron Ore Conference’ dinner we went to last year.

Some photos I took while walking in the city to a seminar after work one evening.

I am still taking every second Friday off work, which is the best thing ever and on my last RDO (Rostered Day Off), Reece and I headed down South to Penguin Island. It is just off the coast of Rockingham. It was a lovely overcast day with a slightly cool breeze. This means that it was a lovely 26 degrees, perfect weather for exploring in Perth.

This is a very family friendly island. 
The inlet on the land facing side is very shallow, calm and tidy and the sea side was a bit rougher and a much steeper drop off fairly close to shore. I wanted to do this on one of my Friday’s before school holidays hit as no doubt it will be madness over there then.
Next time I cleaning out my dive bag before heading over as it was a bit heavy with stuff I didn’t need. We only really wanted the snorkel gear, but I was lazy and just threw it all in.

Of course, you can't take Geologists anywhere there are rocks..

I have still lost my crafting mojo lately. I have been trying to look up more crafty stuff online to inspire me but I am struggling at the moment.
I did bake a banana cake last week and this week. I keep taking most of the cake to work, mostly to share the love of calories around and I don’t like wasting food. They have been most appreciative.

I didn’t get up to much last weekend. I was late to work this morning because I had to take one wee puddy tat to the Vet… Sometime Saturday evening he went socialising with his other kitty buddies and he came back with glass embedded in his back paw, just above the pad of his foot. He managed to dislodge it and clean it himself, but the cut looked bad so I took him to the Vet just in case. They had a look and put a staple in just to help heal it faster. Of course within the 5 min of Magnet being home, he took it out. I wonder if the vet didn’t actually but the staple in properly, as his arm had quite a tremor like he had Parkinson’s and he was struggling a bit. I will leave it for the moment and keep an eye on it and see how it heals as he wasn’t going to put a staple in to start with anyway. Magnet seems to be doing a good job of keeping it clean at the moment and we have some antibiotics to try ward off infection.  He certainly keeps me on my toes and glad I have a ‘just in case’ bank account. Who could deny this beautiful face?

Monday, November 24, 2014

24 November 2011 Weekends

 The weekends always starts with nice Magnet cuddles...
This weekend began with a change... I am now a fiery red-head. It's called Poppy

I did some baking - Ginger Crunch (Edmond's Cookbook) and Caramel Crumble (taste.com.au)

A few pieces wrapped all hipster-like for my friend Rachel to keep her going for the week ahead..

 Took this last week, walking from work to the bus stop. 
 Reece is flew back home yesterday. It was a busy afternoon catching up with friends, followed by a nice relaxing evening reading. This week is going to be a bit busy with work. Next weekend should be a good one though.

Friday, November 21, 2014

21 November 2014 Puddy tat amuses me!

Reece is still away at work and Magnet has been doing his best to keep me amused.
He kept me company when I was catching up on my TV shows and it was 31 degrees outside.

I had an open bag of Marshmallows on the coffee table, Magnet investigated, Bag got stuck on head...

Of course I took it off...and it went straight back on!

And still with the Marshmallows

We had a Strata meeting for our block of units one evening this week. The lady who lives in one of the units was telling me that Magnet goes into her unit via her cat's cat door and eats the cat biscuits,. He then curls up and goes to sleep on the bed... I was so mortified!! She seemed fine with it... everyone seemed to know him.  Now I know what goes on when we aren't home, or haven't given in to his meows for more biscuits!
 But how could I stay mad at that face..
This morning it bucketed down and Magnet came in looking so sad, wet puddy tat asking me to dry him and could I turn off the rain for him....please...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12 November 2014 Melbourne Trip - Amber and Pav's wedding and PAXAus

This time of year is always busy. I think that with Christmas now around the corner, it reminds us of all the people that we haven’t caught up with since this time last year. You always say that you should catch up more often, time passes by and then the next Christmas comes and you haven’t actually caught up. The calendar fills up the same every year.
Work is still busy, but at the moment I feel like I am waiting. Waiting for colleagues, waiting for clients, waiting on my boss to give me the work…
Reece is back out on site now. During the last swing before we went to Melbourne, he messaged me saying that he was going to have to do another one after he got back from Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, I like that he has work and it is good work and I do pride myself on adapting to these situations, but it would have been nice for us to have been home a little bit longer before he had to fly back to work.
Anyway, getting back to our TRIP to MELBOURNE. This trip was epic! It included Amber and Pav’s Wedding, PAXAus and other assortment of social engagements.
A week out from our departure, I hadn’t even decided on what I was going to wear to the event of the year. There was just too many variables. It’s Melbourne, it’s October, the groomsmen weren’t going to be wearing ties and it’s Melbourne…
Getting a flight change from Virgin on the Wednesday before flying really prompted me into the realisation that I wasn’t truly prepared. On the lunchtime of the Friday, I got my A into G and stepped out into the glaring Perth rays and went to Myers. Yes, Myers on a Friday Lunchtime… I did go at 11am in the hope that it would be a little more relaxing. Clothes’ shopping is never high on my list of positive things I like to do. Don’t get me wrong, I like fashion, but clothes’ shopping is very depressing. Things you like never fit, or if they do, they don’t look good on and then things that fit, make me look even bigger or are sack like, or in the dress I actually bought, it fits 75% and you just go with the bagging parts. This has been a reason why I wanted to learn how to sew, so I could fix up things like this or make things to my shape. I haven’t had much success though in the adjusting of patterns. I am guessing that it is practise.
I came home with a dress. Do you know, I don’t even have a photo of me and the dress from the day. Silly me.
Reece flew back into Perth from work on the Sunday lunchtime. This meant that clothes had to be washed. Shirts had to be ironed. Reece was in the middle of doing his final assignment for the semester that was due the following weekend. On top of all this, it was Reece’s responsibility to take Magnet to ‘Kitty Prison’ on the Monday. That is always the worst part. I feel so mean. It is still the most responsible and kindest thing to do when you go on holiday.
I had not flown Virgin Airlines for a long time. The flight change of the previous week was a killer. The flight was moved from 5:50am to 5:05am. This was terrible. Our alarms went off at 3:30am. I felt like I was back doing FIFO. What kind of commercial airline does that to you? Also why is the bag drop the same as the check-in line? They verbally ask you the same questions you answer when you check-in, so what’s the point of having two separate lines?
Lucky we got to the airport on time as they started boarding early. They were obviously very eager to get away even earlier than the suggested early time.
I promptly feel asleep, to wake up 2 hours in and had missed breakfast. I was very hungry by the time we landed.
On Wednesday I forced Reece to be a tourist with me and we went to the city to go through Parliament house. 
It was a ¾ of an hour tour. It is a beautiful building with some really rich history. Some people have no idea that when you go to go on a tour of a government building, that you will have to go through security screening. Silly tourists. The group was larger than I was expecting which was a bit of a shame as we were a bit rushed and I would’ve like to have spent more time in the rooms.


Friday was the wedding and in true Melbourne/October style, when you are prepared for the worst weather it turns out to be 36 degrees with killer sunshine. No need for jackets and the only umbrellas you needed were to keep the sun off.
The wedding and reception was at Inglewood Estate. A beautiful venue. The wedding ceremony was in their quaint chapel. I would highly recommend it. The wedding was beautiful, very personal and of course the bride was glorious. They had thought of everything. The staff had set up everything with twinkling lights and flowers and balloons, like a movie set. From the canap├ęs to the wedding cake, everything was delicious and the wine flowed. Amber and Pav did the dance from Pulp Fiction and rocked the house. The speeches were perfect in humour, sentimentalities and good wishes. It was pretty spectacular. I take my hat off to them, it was pretty damn perfect. The end of the night came around too quickly.

There was a day to calm down before we headed to PAXAus on the Sunday.
The thing to do in Melbourne…
We meet up with Chantel for breakfast before hitting the convention. This year PAX moved from the showgrounds to the convention centre. Oh the difference it made. It was epic! A lot of space, bigger rooms for the panels and the exhibition floor and the gaming area was huge. We actually made it into all the panels we wanted. It made me wish that we had bought 3 day passes again as the biggest thing last year was that since you couldn’t get into any panels you ended up milling around a lot. This time it was fantastic. The two panels I went to were based around cosplay and the panellists were awesome and the crowd was very well behaved. I also enjoyed that the crowd was quite split Female/male attendees.

On the exhibition floor, companies had invested a lot more. Xbox had actual Xboxes to play with every game. Oculus was there. Ubisoft had heaps of consoles set up for Assassins Creed. There was just heaps more to play and see. If we hadn’t made it to the panels I would have liked to have played some tabletop games but hopefully next year we will get 3day passes again and I will get to it.

We had a great time in Melbourne catching up with everyone. I especially enjoyed the evening with Chantel and Paul beating everyone in Mario kart (we won’t talk about my placing in the other games). The best thing about going away is often coming home and getting all those kitty smooches. 

Now Reece is back at site and I am back at work and now we are organising another trip. This time New York. Yes, you heard right New York for New Years!! Bring it on!