Tuesday, October 06, 2015

6 October 2015 An unexpected surprise

It seems like my posts are getting further and further apart. I wonder if one day, I just stop. It seems like such an effort. It is nice looking back at some of the things that I have been up to.  I really only seem to look back on my travelling posts though. 
I guess a few things have happened in the past couple of months. I turned a year older. I was going to have a pretty low key weekend except someone had other ideas. 
I ended up get out and about a lot more than expected. Luckily we ended up with a couple of nice days. 
Magnet helped with a puzzle. 
I got some incentives from my mum. 
And Reece and I headed out to the Kings Park Festival. I admired a lot of the wild flowers and was playing around with my camera when the batteries decided to expire. 

And don't you just want to smooch that face...

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 August 2015 Crafting

Here is the journey of the jersey for Blake:

Hopefully he will get another winter's use out of it. If it washes fine...

I made a vest, trying to use up some leftovers. Not too impressed with the design. It seems to be people are obsessed with knitting things in one piece. People have something against seaming. But I think some things lack structure using this method. Would probably not knit this again as written. 

Booties - cat approved... 

Test knit for Sue-ann's first published pattern - Reece approved...
I am working on a wee 4ply singlet and a 4 ply baby cardigan. I am also doing some knitting requested by mum. 
I went to my colleagues wedding. It was quite different, as we turned up, they had the ceremony and then food on platters and drinks with a lollie bar and then we all went home. About 4 hours in total. It was quite nice for the guests. 

I have done a bit of tidying in the garden. With the help from Magnet of course. 

Lots of spring bulbs appearing now. 
There has been socialising with friends and good coffee
A decent weekend spent sewing, under good supervision

And lots of Magnet time....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

17 June 2015 A quiet couple of weeks.

Now that Reece has finished his university course, I have been putting him to work around the house.
He has supervised the installation of new blinds in the kitchen, living area and laundry.
He supervised the removal of trees in the courtyard and driveway.
He took down the timber framing in our courtyard. Though it reduces our privacy, it has tidied it up a lot. It was a very much a mismatch job of a timber frame. 
Once he started taking it down we realised just how rotted it had become so it was a good decision. At the moment we aren't looking at replacing it.
I have been incredibly lazy the last couple of weeks. I am meant to do a whole lot of gardening but I haven’t gotten around to it. I haven’t even finished my knitting yet.
I have played a bit of The Witcher. I am determined to finish it. Magnet likes to help…

Reece and I went for a walk on his last break. 
We didn't go as far as I initially intended as it was a lot busier on the trail than I was expecting and I couldn't tolerate too much more of parents yelling at/for their kids.
It is the old railway trail. There are lots of sections that you can cover, we only walked the start part with the tunnel to just pass the cascade falls.
I went with a geology outcrop map and we had fun looking at rocks that had nothing to do with work and lots of plants that I have no idea what they are called.

It was really nice to get out, though it was very still and therefore a bit muggy. Not the best when you do a little exercise.
The view is very typical of WA though.
There were some crazy magpies that kept swooping at Reece while having lunch. It was funny and freaky at the same time.
There was no water at the cascade falls. There hasn't been any rain.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking Magnet to the vet for his yearly check-up and shots. At the vet for about 10 min. He was very good and hardly meowed on the way home. I think he was just happy it wasn't the cattery.
I had all my friends over on the Sunday to help celebrate 10 years since Jason and I moved from NZ to Australia.

I should have taken a few photos but I had the beginnings of a headache so I was pretty quiet. 
I had made an extra-large pavlova.
I had doubled the recipe from the good ole Edmonds cookery book. It turned out very nice. I didn't do a very good job of removing the baking paper from the bottom but covered up the resultant cracks with cream and it still tasted exactly as a pavlova should and I was very happy with the texture of soft and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside. 
Magnet's "I'm innocent" look...
Red dot! Red dot! from the laser pointer.