Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 April 2014 What ?!? No Pictures ?!?

I keep thinking that I should take pictures of stuff, but then I keep forgetting and then I think it's no point blogging without pictures and therefore no blogging has been happening. Well I still don't have any pictures to show, but I thought I should better put something out there to the internets. 
I have started knitting the Kipling again. Though I have appeared to have picked up 10 more stitches along the shoulder than the pattern states. I am going with it as it looks tidy, but whether it ends up being way too wide, I am not sure. I am going to decrease six along the top to make it more puffy.  I just have to remember what I do so I do the same on the second sleeve. 
I started a Milo. I am using Patons Big Baby 8ply in a weird shade of Pink. I have finished the shoulders and I am about to start the main body with the cabling. Hopefully it won't take too long now. I just have to sit down and do it. 
I did some sewing over the Easter weekend. I am making overalls/romper suit. It is looking ok. It's about 1/3 done.
I finished some more Bibs - tried out some patches and half and half. I am trying to use up all sorts of scraps. 
I also made another tunic but I have to put the buttons/button holes on it yet. 
As you can probably guess, I have lots of things on the go but not really much completed. Hence the lack of blogging. I haven't really don't a lot of craft stuff in the last month. Hopefully the next month will be better, but I am feeling like gardening now...
I bought plane tickets for my mum to come and visit me here in Perth. Yay!! It's only a couple of weeks away now. 
I bought a bike last weekend. It is a utility bike. I wanted one to get me to work nice and easy. I biked yesterday and today to work. I forgot how much I enjoyed the wind in my hair, though my arse needs to harden up a bit or I need a better seat.
I have been running this year and I am now running the 5Km Park Run semi regularly. I ran the 10km Asics Bridge to Bridge run early April in 1:21:23. I am pretty happy with that as I didn't stop at all. It's the furthermost I have ever run. I have the 8Km Mother's Day run in a couple of weeks and then the HBF 12km run at the end of May. I am doing ok with the distances, but I can't seem to increase my pace. I need to get back on the treadmill and force myself to go faster. 
Reece and I went to Melbourne the weekend before Easter for a wedding. It was a fast trip, but good fun was to be had at the weekend. We didn't know many people but everyone was nice and friendly. 
I normally have a picture of Magnet at this point. You will have to imagine him here....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11 March 2014 A weekend away

I finally have taken a couple of photos to post. Here is Trackwork all Buttoned up and the wee newborn singlet all finished. I gave them to Rach to take to Nat since she just had a wee girl.

Progress on the Kipling has halted. I have been watching way too much TV at the moment. It is getting in the good end of the seasons and now that the Olympics is over they are all back on track.
 We went down South to Eagle Bay last week and I was hoping to do some knitting, but instead we socialised, drank port, played poker, swam, snorkelled and went out for coffee. What a life!
It was quiet and relaxing. I am glad I had a couple of days to catch up before going back to work.
I don’t know how to play poker, but I seem to have accumulated a lot of chips…

I did cut up some material over the weekend, so there may be sewing happening in the near future. Next weekend is setting up to be busy so it may be delayed a week.
Kitty helping me on the computer.

Friday, February 14, 2014

14 February 2014 Knitting In Summer!!

Look at all these knitting posts this year. I didn't even make knitting more my New Year's Resolution. From my previous post, I can say that I have finished the front of the Layette Singlet, though I don't have photographic proof of it here with me. I am amazed about my progress on Trackwork though. It ended up being very good bus knitting.
I thought I was almost finished but I am convinced that I need to do another repeat of the block work on the yoke because it looks like it will have a very wide neck. I consulted with my child expert (read: Sue-ann) that knits and she agreed. Hopefully I will finish it this coming weekend. Though blocking and button attaching may take longer.
Magnet was helping me a lot knitting. I had a couple of days off work after coming back from Melbourne last weekend, which I knitting most of the yoke in. I feel a lot
So, yes we went to Melbourne. I went for Amber's Hen's Day. Reece went to see his sister (and family), so he is still there. Sorry I didn't grab any of the pictures from the Day. I was too busy enjoying myself. It was a great time, and I am glad I made the effort to fly over there for it.
Magnet Interrupting for a hug.

Where are you taking that ball of wool!! 

Magnet is very Puzzled 

Progress on Trackwork
I have decided to join in of the Ravellenics to try and get me to finish a couple of the WIP's I have on the go in the next 10 days. Hopefully I cross the finish line in time.
Not a lot of other news. I am just muddling through at the moment.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 January 2014 Nearly the end of Month 1

Gosh, it's the 31st tomorrow. The end of January already. I could wonder where the month has gone, but I know where. January has been unusual. I have wanted to go out on the weekends, do a few different things. Almost every weekend has been high 30's and into the 40's. Not good for doing things outside. I guess we could've gone out last weekend. I was a bit stressed about work this week so I tend to want to sleep it away when stressed. 
Now that the stress is over with, I wish the long weekend was this weekend instead of the last one. So what did I end up doing on the long weekend? I started 6 new knitting projects and finished 3. No sewing though. I am waiting for a couple of pattern books to turn up. 
I am not sure whether to post my finished objects. They are destined for birthday gifts, and are in the post now. Is it safe to show? Maybe if I don't link this post on facebook just yet. 
Ok here goes, otherwise I will forget to show. 
One hat finished. This was just my own hat pattern, based on a pattern I used previously in terms of style. This is to replace that one which I think is about 4 years old now. Teresa took a picture last November and she happened to be wearing the old one and it looked a bit worse for wear, so I decided to make a replacement. I am flattered that she wears the old one so much though, so hopefully this one is similar enough. 
I was undecided what to knit mum for her birthday this year. I don't think she really wears all the scarves often enough that I have knitted previously. I had made gloves previously too, but again I am not sure if she really used them. I am trying to stash bust, so I was going through my wool and decided to knit some slippers for her. They won't replace ones that have a base and wear outside, but they will be good for sitting on the bed knitting or curled up on the couch sort of things. I had problems knitting this, because a big black animal was attracted to this wool in particular. 
So I am calling these slippers Magnet Approved. 

This is the what I was knitting in my last post.
I finally got around to finishing this hat that I knit almost 2 years ago. When I finished knitting it, I thought it resembled a tea cosy, I was quite disappointed. So I put it on ice. I am cleaning out my room and found it and I thought it might not be as bad as I thought. It is definitely a very warm hat. I sent it to Roger. 
What have I been casting on? All these projects are using wool that exists in my stash and most are not knitted for anyone in particular.
Here is the start of a Trackwork Jacket, size 3-6 months, using Paton's 8ply dreamtime. 
Here is my favourite singlet pattern from the Paton's Heirloom book using Paton's 4ply Big Baby wool again. I always think that singlet's and vests must be the most versatile garments for babies, but since I don't have any maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. I always think you can dress them up to warmer with shirts etc or just wear them as the only garment for hotter days. This one is 0-3 months again. I will knit the next size up the next time. 
Here is me blaming Magnet for my mess of my ball of wall. 
This is for the pattern Pagan. I am using Naturally Tibet. I am making this for Teresa since mum never emailed me her measurements. 
Other projects without photo's are a Newborn Jumper in 8 ply. A Milo vest, size 6 months again in 8 ply and some fingerless gloves using Evangeline
Do you like my knitting bag? This was my Christmas Present from Amber. I love it. It's nice to have more bags. It means I don't have to take my projects in and out of the bags depending what I want to work on that day. 
What else did we do last weekend? We went to Geology Rachel's place for a BBQ for Australia Day. Or should we say Kiwi day as there was 4 of us and Reece was the only Aussie. She made Pavalova. Excellent. 
This coming weekend seems to be filling up with things to do already. Going out for dinner with Jason and Darren on Friday. Have a haircut on Saturday. Meeting up with wee Rach after for a travel expo and coffee. Reece is going out with Jason and Darren to watch girls play grid iron Saturday Night. I am hoping to go to the movies to watch 'Shadow Recruit' sometime. 
Ok, I should get back to work. 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

9 January 2014 How is the New Year going?

I find myself dragging my feet this New Year. I really would like to go on holiday, but the decision is where to go, when to go and to go with whom. 
I have a serious thought of just going by myself so I don't have to try and work in with anyone else. People rosters, people's restrictions and people's motivations to just book something. 
If I end up going myself, I am thinking Tassie. Going to China/Thailand sounds like a nice idea but I think that it would require a bit of planning to fit with people and discussions on where to go and what to do/see.
We are heading to Amber's wedding at the end of the year too, so I should restrict myself to how many holidays I 'should' take this year. But then again, we were fairly conservative last year, but the wedding was a decent cost. We went to Melbourne in July and that was about it I think. Oh yeah I went to Adelaide in February. 
Here is a picture of my current knitting. You would think I would be finished by now, but I seem to be just carrying it around with me than doing any actual knitting. 
I did some pattern cutting out the other day, but no sewing this week so far. Maybe this weekend. There is meant to be a 43 degree day on Saturday. 
Not much else happening at the moment. I watched another James Bond Movie 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', with George Lazenby playing James Bond. I realised that I had seen the ending before, but didn't think that I had watched the whole thing. It was very good. Reece and I both flinched when James Bond slapped the lead girl for really no reason. Shows the age of the film and how they much they have changed in the more recent Bond films in regards to how the portrait the female characters.
I don't think I have watched new releases lately. I finally watched 'The Secret Life of Bees', I knew it was going to be a tear jerker. I have had it sitting there for 18 months knowing that I wanted to watch it but I didn't want to cry. I really enjoyed despite the tears. Not really a movie that you would watch multiple times though, not like a crazy action movie. 
Hopefully more crafting goodness to show next week. 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

02 January 2014 A bright and shiny New Year!

2014!! Welcome, Welcome, to the New Year!
Have we all made New Resolutions? I failed my last year’s Resolution (see previous post). I think I will keep going with it but it won’t be this year’s Resolution. I am not sure what to do this year. Probably something sewing related.
My nephews received their Christmas Decorations. I know that the parents like that I send them, but I wonder as the boys get older that they just think that their auntie is a fuddy duddy. I actually have no problem being perceived like that though.  
A few projects have been completed. I finally finished the new sophisticate. It’s been buttoned and blocked, I think it turned out quite well. It stash busted just over two balls. I still have just under two balls left so maybe I will make a small top. This is a 12month size.

I made a new tunic size 12months. I really like this owl pattern. I love the colours. I still have a metre left of it.

I made 6 bibs and a new taggy blanket for Danielle. The blanket took nowhere as long as the previous versions. I think I have conquered these now.

Dani is due in March, with a wee boy. I am hoping that she likes these gifts. I had her over about 6 weeks ago and we were going through some of the things I have made previously and she is quite picky. A lot of things were classified as ‘too girly’, as either the material colours or the cut/style of the clothes. Therefore, I tried to make things she would actually use.
My friend Sue-ann is a clever ducky; she crocheted me these awesome bookmarks and Christmas decorations. They are so delicate, I love them.
Christmas was fun. Reece cooked pancakes first up and then we opened gifts. Reece bought me the new kindle and a grater. I can’t wait to try out the grater, it should make zesting easier. I bought Reece some Sourdough Bannetons. He has already tested it out and the bread came out real professional looking.
After gift exchanging, we headed off to mass. We tested out the church around the corner and I preferred it to the other one we had previously gone to. 
After Church, I rushed home and got cracking as I needed to boil potatoes and finish off the trifle. Reece did a major Tetris job of fitting gifts/food/overnight bags into the car for heading off to Rachel’s for Christmas lunch. Lunch was nice and relaxing with too much food and then too much alcohol. Luckily it wasn’t a 40 degree day. Our friends gave us board games, books, alcohol and chocolate. We all crashed at Rachel’s, no drink-driving for us. We did leave early the next day as it was the first time we have left Magnet at home over night.

He was fine, but stayed close to home on Boxing Day.

I have been working on the days in between the public holidays. I am saving up my annual leave. Not sure exactly where I am going and with whom but I want to go on holiday.

I think that’s about it for now. 
Help Me Block

Ready to Pounce

Come Closer...

I am gifting myself

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

4 December 2013 The Month of Joy

This time of year is always busy and I am not sure why. The sun is shining most days now and with the longer evenings it is perfect to catch up with friends after work for a couple of drinks.
I know that I said that I should move on to knitting my nephews Christmas decorations, and I swear I did start. But I got side tracked by my pretty sewing machine… so this year’s decorations are sewn rather than knitted. I hope they aren’t disappointed.

I finally got around to buying myself my birthday present. I always knew what I was going to get myself. I was waiting for my bonus from work, but instead of them paying that to us we got pay cuts instead. This means I decided just to take the plunge and buy myself the overlocker anyway.
I have already had a play and it will take some practice. Though I can’t say that my sewing is all that good, but I am having fun trying different things. I made another playsuit.
Here is a photo of Evie wearing the first one I made. It was quite fiddly and I didn't really understand the instructions on how the two pieces fitted together so it is quite bulky around the waist. I don’t think she is worried about it though.
Here is the new one and it is a lot tidier than the first one. If I were to make it again, I might make a few more adjustments, but I might try to sew something else first. I am choosing projects mainly to expand my skills and practise different techniques since I am still a beginner. I will hopefully move onto more adult sized projects in the New Year.

I was just looking at my blog and realised that I have completed a few other things since I last posted. I made this t-shirt from an old shirt of mine. It is a size one but doesn't have the length as I ran out of material. I was interested in trying the cross over at the top and sewing with knits and adding the knit ribbing as bias. It was interesting and if I was to do it again, hopefully it will be tidier now that I have an overlocker.

The next thing I made was these bibs. I used towelling on the underside. I thought that it would be good for bibs as they will double as a cloth. Since I don’t have any kids I hope that is logical thinking.

These bibs went to a friend of Rachel’s that I knitted the wee singlet for.
Last night I put up the Christmas tree. I decided against putting on all the baubles that I own, so it looks pretty minimalist at the moment. I have put baubles into the vases and they look pretty cool.

 I am sad to say that I have only made it half-way through my last year’s New Year’s Resolution. I still have 3 weeks. I could do it. My resolution was to watch all of the James Bond Movies in order. I am only up to ‘Her Majesty’s Service’. I have been enjoying them though. 
It is the month of things happening, so I should be blogging more often. I hope so. I just realised I am going to post this without a picture of Magnet...