Tuesday, April 28, 2015

28 April 2015 Next thing it will be the middle of the year

Time gets away from me. I have been training the last two weeks. It is always all consuming.
What have I been up to?
I have cooked and baked.

I dressed up and went to comic-con
I did the 10Km Asics Bridge to Bridge fun run.
We bought a bbq and used it.
I went to the final Hawkers Twilight market with Rachel.
I went to the ANZAC Dawn Service at Kings Park.

Where I also found a dragon on my way back to the car.
I made ice cream and sorbet with Mandarin juice from Rachel’s tree.
I have done some gardening, not much knitting and too much TV watching on Netflix.

And of course a lot of cat patting. 
 I also found this cool street art of Mary Poppins on the side of The Tuck Shop

8 January 2015 My posts are getting brief.

Back in New York after the Blizzard. The day dawned beautiful and blue and deathly cold. We are talking -7°C without wind chill on top of that. The view out of our hotel in New York was spectacular; we were overlooking Madison Square Garden.
I decided that it was an inside sort of day and took the train to the American Natural History Museum. I love how they have personalised the train stops on the underground. There were these cool dinosaurs on the walls and footprints on the ground.
The Christmas dino was looking a little sad outside…
In the foyer, I realised where all the dinosaur bones were housed in America.
I headed straight for the dinosaur section. Amazingly Rachel didn’t share my enthusiasm and she headed for the rock section.

I did head to the section and was again overwhelmed by the volume and quality. I think the displays needed some dusting though.

I ended the day by buying shoes…

7 January 2015 The last day in Washington DC

The last day in DC was for the Air and Space Museum. Exactly as I stated in previous post, it is the kind of place that you wish you could sample a piece at a time, there is heaps of information and I could spend a day in each room and then mull over the information for the next week. It does inspire one to research and learn. There were rooms dedicated to teaching younger children the physics behind how things fly with some great interactive displays. There were just as many adults giving them a go.
The museums contain the original Wright Brothers aeroplane.
They had a replica of the hand glider designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, which he never built -though it only made me want to go back and play more Assassin's Creed. 

One of Amelia Earhart planes. I also couldn't believe in this section that they even mentioned Jean Batten.
I could've spent an infinite amount of time in the Meteorology and satellite section. This also contained the spy cameras like the U-2.
I didn't spend a lot of time in the WWII plane section or the air craft carrier section, I would have loved to but the Museum is huge.
Of course the sections, containing the Moon Rock and all the gear used in landing on the Moon, the challenger display and all things related to the Space Program were the busiest and quite cool. There was also a replica section of the space station lab to go through.

We were very exhausted from walking and information overload by the time it was to leave and get our bags and head back to New York. The train was unfortunately busier going back than it was going to DC so we didn't get to have a spare seat beside us, but we did get window seats, great for staring out if it wasn't for the short days and therefore being black outside. 

6 January 2015 More Washington DC

This is like the never ending trip to New York/DC, but I am determined to get this done.
On the 6th January we woke up in DC to fabulous amounts of snow. They predicted 2 inches and that it should be done by lunchish. Well in the end it was more like 4 inches of snow and finished late afternoon.

I really love snow. Especially this cold dry snow, where it sticks but you can just brush it off you.
We headed off for our 9 am tour of the Capitol building. It’s been so long now that I can’t remember too much of the details…but looks…snow!!
I do remember that they initially wanted to bury George Washington under the building but he died about 40 years before the building was finished. It seemed to me that they wanted to Martyr George Washington and create a religion.
The building was like most of the buildings in DC, grand and beautiful, looking more like status symbols rather than functional. I don’t want to know what it costs to heat these buildings.
Overall the tour was fairly short and you don’t see too much. That could be due to the renovations, but primarily you stand in the rotunda part and they talk there.
After taking lots of pictures of snow, I headed off to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. 
I was quite disappointed that there weren't many dinosaur bones but their mineral and gem display was quite big. 
I am sure that a lot of the mineral books we used as reference guides at university used these specimens for the pictures.
I finally saw a piece of orbicular granite from Finland, the only place other than Mt Magnet known to have it.
The Geology Department at the University here are so lucky, though I guess they can’t go and pick up these specimens.
I did like the sample of the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Layer from New Mexico.
I took more pictures of snow once outside. How I miss winter.

It was a big day, with a lot of walking. I wish, just like the British Museum I should go back and spend lots of time in one section and not feel too rushed, overwhelmed and tired.

Monday, March 30, 2015

30 March 2015 And we won't talk about the Cricket

Time certainly passes by faster and faster. I keep thinking that I blogged last week, but it actually was two weeks ago. 
Almost two weeks ago, after work, Reece and I hit up the Perth Noodle Market for dinner. It’s a 10 day market being hosted as part of the Perth Food Festival. I thought it would be a good chance to test out some nice food. I was a little disappointed, the food was really nice and the portion size was good, but there wasn't anywhere as many noodles as I thought there would be. It should have just been called an Asian Food Market.
Reece was busy doing his assignment on his break. It’s the last semester and he is trying to do the work in his breaks predominantly. It’s pretty full on as he isn't really getting any time to relax but there are only two more assignments to go now.
I managed to finish this wee top. Another Quick 5 Hour Sweater that takes longer than 5 hours. 
I had finished the yoke previously but decided to rip it and start again on smaller needles. Of course since I was then focused on getting it over with, I forgot to add button holes as an abbreviation to the written pattern. I had to add ribbon to close it as it was written but I don’t particularly like that type of closure and I will probably add some snaps along the yoke closure section instead, once I have gone to Spotlight and picked up some snaps.
I painted the ceiling in the living area over the weekend. I can finally organise to get new curtains. I didn't get too much paint on me this time and neither did Magnet.
Magnet provides an immeasurable amount of amusement. Here is helping me take pictures of my knitting….
Thinking the painting tape is a toy that is out of his reach….
Giving kitty approval to the slight rearrangement of furniture in the living area…
Helping to look at potential recipes…
I made some blueberry muffins Easter themed on the weekend. The best ones I have made. I think I have already eaten half of them. Sorry Reece...

And a Black and Blue – Berry pie from the Woman's Weekly Pie Recipe book. Turned out pretty good. I served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert while warm. But it is just as good on it's own. Don't worry, I didn't use Nanna's Berries.