Monday, November 24, 2014

24 November 2011 Weekends

 The weekends always starts with nice Magnet cuddles...
This weekend began with a change... I am now a fiery red-head. It's called Poppy

I did some baking - Ginger Crunch (Edmond's Cookbook) and Caramel Crumble (

A few pieces wrapped all hipster-like for my friend Rachel to keep her going for the week ahead..

 Took this last week, walking from work to the bus stop. 
 Reece is flew back home yesterday. It was a busy afternoon catching up with friends, followed by a nice relaxing evening reading. This week is going to be a bit busy with work. Next weekend should be a good one though.

Friday, November 21, 2014

21 November 2014 Puddy tat amuses me!

Reece is still away at work and Magnet has been doing his best to keep me amused.
He kept me company when I was catching up on my TV shows and it was 31 degrees outside.

I had an open bag of Marshmallows on the coffee table, Magnet investigated, Bag got stuck on head...

Of course I took it off...and it went straight back on!

And still with the Marshmallows

We had a Strata meeting for our block of units one evening this week. The lady who lives in one of the units was telling me that Magnet goes into her unit via her cat's cat door and eats the cat biscuits,. He then curls up and goes to sleep on the bed... I was so mortified!! She seemed fine with it... everyone seemed to know him.  Now I know what goes on when we aren't home, or haven't given in to his meows for more biscuits!
 But how could I stay mad at that face..
This morning it bucketed down and Magnet came in looking so sad, wet puddy tat asking me to dry him and could I turn off the rain for him....please...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12 November 2014 Melbourne Trip - Amber and Pav's wedding and PAXAus

This time of year is always busy. I think that with Christmas now around the corner, it reminds us of all the people that we haven’t caught up with since this time last year. You always say that you should catch up more often, time passes by and then the next Christmas comes and you haven’t actually caught up. The calendar fills up the same every year.
Work is still busy, but at the moment I feel like I am waiting. Waiting for colleagues, waiting for clients, waiting on my boss to give me the work…
Reece is back out on site now. During the last swing before we went to Melbourne, he messaged me saying that he was going to have to do another one after he got back from Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, I like that he has work and it is good work and I do pride myself on adapting to these situations, but it would have been nice for us to have been home a little bit longer before he had to fly back to work.
Anyway, getting back to our TRIP to MELBOURNE. This trip was epic! It included Amber and Pav’s Wedding, PAXAus and other assortment of social engagements.
A week out from our departure, I hadn’t even decided on what I was going to wear to the event of the year. There was just too many variables. It’s Melbourne, it’s October, the groomsmen weren’t going to be wearing ties and it’s Melbourne…
Getting a flight change from Virgin on the Wednesday before flying really prompted me into the realisation that I wasn’t truly prepared. On the lunchtime of the Friday, I got my A into G and stepped out into the glaring Perth rays and went to Myers. Yes, Myers on a Friday Lunchtime… I did go at 11am in the hope that it would be a little more relaxing. Clothes’ shopping is never high on my list of positive things I like to do. Don’t get me wrong, I like fashion, but clothes’ shopping is very depressing. Things you like never fit, or if they do, they don’t look good on and then things that fit, make me look even bigger or are sack like, or in the dress I actually bought, it fits 75% and you just go with the bagging parts. This has been a reason why I wanted to learn how to sew, so I could fix up things like this or make things to my shape. I haven’t had much success though in the adjusting of patterns. I am guessing that it is practise.
I came home with a dress. Do you know, I don’t even have a photo of me and the dress from the day. Silly me.
Reece flew back into Perth from work on the Sunday lunchtime. This meant that clothes had to be washed. Shirts had to be ironed. Reece was in the middle of doing his final assignment for the semester that was due the following weekend. On top of all this, it was Reece’s responsibility to take Magnet to ‘Kitty Prison’ on the Monday. That is always the worst part. I feel so mean. It is still the most responsible and kindest thing to do when you go on holiday.
I had not flown Virgin Airlines for a long time. The flight change of the previous week was a killer. The flight was moved from 5:50am to 5:05am. This was terrible. Our alarms went off at 3:30am. I felt like I was back doing FIFO. What kind of commercial airline does that to you? Also why is the bag drop the same as the check-in line? They verbally ask you the same questions you answer when you check-in, so what’s the point of having two separate lines?
Lucky we got to the airport on time as they started boarding early. They were obviously very eager to get away even earlier than the suggested early time.
I promptly feel asleep, to wake up 2 hours in and had missed breakfast. I was very hungry by the time we landed.
On Wednesday I forced Reece to be a tourist with me and we went to the city to go through Parliament house. 
It was a ¾ of an hour tour. It is a beautiful building with some really rich history. Some people have no idea that when you go to go on a tour of a government building, that you will have to go through security screening. Silly tourists. The group was larger than I was expecting which was a bit of a shame as we were a bit rushed and I would’ve like to have spent more time in the rooms.


Friday was the wedding and in true Melbourne/October style, when you are prepared for the worst weather it turns out to be 36 degrees with killer sunshine. No need for jackets and the only umbrellas you needed were to keep the sun off.
The wedding and reception was at Inglewood Estate. A beautiful venue. The wedding ceremony was in their quaint chapel. I would highly recommend it. The wedding was beautiful, very personal and of course the bride was glorious. They had thought of everything. The staff had set up everything with twinkling lights and flowers and balloons, like a movie set. From the canap├ęs to the wedding cake, everything was delicious and the wine flowed. Amber and Pav did the dance from Pulp Fiction and rocked the house. The speeches were perfect in humour, sentimentalities and good wishes. It was pretty spectacular. I take my hat off to them, it was pretty damn perfect. The end of the night came around too quickly.

There was a day to calm down before we headed to PAXAus on the Sunday.
The thing to do in Melbourne…
We meet up with Chantel for breakfast before hitting the convention. This year PAX moved from the showgrounds to the convention centre. Oh the difference it made. It was epic! A lot of space, bigger rooms for the panels and the exhibition floor and the gaming area was huge. We actually made it into all the panels we wanted. It made me wish that we had bought 3 day passes again as the biggest thing last year was that since you couldn’t get into any panels you ended up milling around a lot. This time it was fantastic. The two panels I went to were based around cosplay and the panellists were awesome and the crowd was very well behaved. I also enjoyed that the crowd was quite split Female/male attendees.

On the exhibition floor, companies had invested a lot more. Xbox had actual Xboxes to play with every game. Oculus was there. Ubisoft had heaps of consoles set up for Assassins Creed. There was just heaps more to play and see. If we hadn’t made it to the panels I would have liked to have played some tabletop games but hopefully next year we will get 3day passes again and I will get to it.

We had a great time in Melbourne catching up with everyone. I especially enjoyed the evening with Chantel and Paul beating everyone in Mario kart (we won’t talk about my placing in the other games). The best thing about going away is often coming home and getting all those kitty smooches. 

Now Reece is back at site and I am back at work and now we are organising another trip. This time New York. Yes, you heard right New York for New Years!! Bring it on!

Monday, October 20, 2014

20 October 2014 A brief update

It feels like a long time since I wrote my last blog post. Oh, look at that, it has been. Work has been off the charts busy. Working through my lunch hours, working late and taking my laptop home on my weekends to do a few hours’ work hasn’t helped me with my extra circular activities. On top of that because of the stress effecting my sleeping, I got sick in a way where I couldn’t even look at a screen because of a major headache. Since then I have tried to be a bit better with the work and trying to mitigate the stress. Some days I am better than others.
I like being this busy, I get stressed when people change the goal posts or I am not quite sure how to solve the problem rather than the actual work load.
What have I done in the last 6 weeks since my last post other than work? Ummmm….. I went to a farewell party for a work colleague. That was sad and I drank too much and am now considering giving up alcohol.
I watched the rugby last weekend and checked out Jason’s new home. It is nice and looks really close to the beach. I will definitely be down there this summer and go to the beach.
Not a lot of crafting has taken place, other than a craft day quilling with Rachel and Rachel. It was great fun and hopefully we will do it again in the future.

Reece has been out on site for two week stints. I have to admit there is a great benefit to this… I get great kitty cuddles while he is away!! When he’s home Magnet prefers him so I am getting smooches and a cat warmer on my lap. Awwww, so here is a whole lot of kitty pics.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 September 2014 Have I ever written such a long post before?

3 weeks later and I have absolutely nothing to show in the crafting department.
You are all waiting for a Magnet update though, aren't you?
Applying the last coat of paint in the kitchen proved as entertaining as the first (and second if you count that). Magnet certainly knows how to break up any monotony a job might present.
After talking myself up in the last post, I got home and looked at the kitchen and after my previous evening’s work I was a bit over it. I stood there thinking a few unladylike terms and proceeded to try to ignore the mess and unfinished job and then with the help of ice cream ate my feelings while finally catching up of Game of Thrones (season 4).
Game of Thrones provided a nice distraction for the next night too. If I remember correctly, I finished the tub of ice cream too. Magnet was very content with me providing him warmth and cuddles.

Friday was going to be my relaxing day off. Please put all that emphasis on the ‘was’ in that sentence. As previously organised, I meet up with Rachel and her dad at Sayers Sister for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast. It is my favourite meal to go out for.

Rachel, of course knowing me well enough, asked if I had finished the kitchen…. I had to confess my technique of procrastination. She, of course, was gracious in her sympathy for my plight and preceded to regal me with scholarly discourse - meaning we gossiped like fishwives. I don’t know about that expression, I am sure that fishwives are hard workers.
After the leisurely breakfast and my now barrel belly, I thought I had better get in a bit of culture. I don’t normally spend much time in the city on my days off. I tend to do my window shopping when the shops are closed to avoid any unnecessary accessories making their way into my mostly already filled with accessories handbag.
I headed to the Art Gallery, the absolute centre of artiness and culture. I actually think the last time I went there was for the Russian Exhibition. OMG, I just googled that. Ummmm that was in 2005. It would have been when I moved to Perth the first time. I must have been since, though I don’t remember it.
What I was interested in this time was the Richard AvedonPeople Exhibition. It is a collection of about 60 photos ranging from 1940’s to 2000’s. It was amazing. I think I should get a coffee table book of his. I am always amazed by art/music/film since I have no aptitude for it. I don’t know how people come up with the ideas or see things that would combine to produce such fabulous results.
After this quiet, contemplative experience, I sat down to absorb the experience while having a coffee in the square outside. The experience certainly made me feel more at peace and quite nostalgic for Sue-ann, as I think she would have loved it too.
With a new frame of mind, I was determined to get this painting finished. Onwards and upwards I say. I made it into the house, to be greeted by a very ecstatic puddy tat. He loves people home during the day. I made it to the bedroom, only slightly kicking the cat once while he was under my feet, to get changed into my painting clothes. These are clothes that I previously spilt a whole lot of paint down while painting the craft room the previous year.
I didn’t need lunch after the breakfast out, so I got straight into it. Music cranking of course. We really need some decent speakers to help in these situations.
I was managed to get the first wall painted without the help of a certain Black Cat, but I had really tempted fate in my last post. This time when a curious cat come to check out my work he land with definite precision into the deep end of the paint tray. OMG, at least it wasn’t as full as it could have been. All I could do was laugh and then try to catch him to try and wipe some of it off. This of course proceeded to be a game of ‘cat and mouse’. With the amount of paint on him, I could still see the distinctive cat paw prints 6m later. Follow the trail across the bench, the dining table and then the floor and then around in circles as I followed him and all he wanted was to smooch around my legs. I swear that cat doesn’t know when things are on him. Seemed completely oblivious to the paint, was only interested in pats and food.
Finally the kitchen was painted! As I would normally say, ‘it’s not perfect, but it’s better than it was, and at least it is done’. I have to admit to not being the most tidy of painters. I think it’s a bit like my cooking. I make a mess and have to do twice as much cleaning as everyone else. Though I think my cleaning skills are probably better than my cooking and painting skills.
Saturday and Sunday I spent the day cleaning and sorting things out, so when Reece arrived home on Sunday afternoon, it would kinda look like it hadn’t taken much work at all to have a picture perfect home, which of course in reality took me hours to do. 
Of course if I hadn't given myself enough to do, I had decided to um take Reece's desk. This desk is huge. I kinda forced Reece to buy a desk and he came back with this one. After 2 years, he said that he would be interested in downsizing as our rooms are small. I said I would take it off his hands ( I was secretly going yay, I can fit my computer, sewing machine and overlocker on it at the same time) and then of course forced this issue by buying him a new desk. It was delivered during the week and I determined that girls can do anything when they set their minds to it. This might have been ambitious, not just because of the physical limitations of lifting but the limitations of only one person doing it. Lets just say it was very ungraceful and maybe the walls will never be the same. I had to lift it onto it's side to try and take the legs off. Not a lot of room to manoeuvring. It meant I had to shuffle it at the same time as levering it. Then Magnet thought he would help once I had it leaning precariously against the wall by jumping on the leg part and then it almost toppled over except I was super fast like the flash and super strong like superman. It took me about 3 hours in total to get it moved and reassembled in the craft room. I had done measurements but for a moment I didn't think it would fit. Also you take measurements of it's final position vs the size of the desk, that didn't account for the space you need to get it in place. As you can see, I was 'lucky' I could do it otherwise Reece would have come home to not the desks moved but suddenly his computer room being my craft room and my craft room being his computer room. 
Saturday was Rachel’s birthday and I did head over there for dinner. I was much more relaxed than Friday for breakfast. We weren’t actually celebrating her birthday until the next Saturday when everyone was available and we had tickets to see Le Noir.
Reece and I went out Friday after work to the Winter Supper Club for the Perth Arts Festival. It was a tad wet though which I had hoped would deter people. I don’t really like a lot of crowds. I was hoping to catch some live music, which I thought was meant to start at 6:30 but ended up being at 8:30 and we weren't going to stay that long. 
We did have some dinner, I tried the Cajun eatery and it ended up being quite delicious though I wasn’t sure about the rice, it was flavoured with spices but I think it could have done with some capsicum and corn maybe. Then desert… Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves. How do people in France keep the weight off if they have access to such delicious pastries.
Le Noir was a good day out (all the links have expired) . It is a Cirque, but not actually affiliated with Cirque de Soleil. I think they were ex performers from there. It was coined as being racy, but all it was, was normal cirque stunts but done in lingerie. Everyone of course is very fit. It really shows what the body can do with training. How do people stay that flexible? I guess when your job is dependent on your body performing at an elite level; it’s your job to make sure that you are that flexible.
We went to an afternoon session of the show and then headed out for dinner after. We just went to the pub down the road. The Bar has been done up and it is quite nice. We sat in the diner area and us girls stayed down one end and had fun people watching and making up stories of what the other diners were doing. It was a big day out but we were home by 9pm. I like that it like that, still can have a decent night’s sleep.
Reece headed back to work the following Monday. He will be back this coming weekend. As per normal this meant that he was away for my birthday. He did buy beautiful flowers during the week and he had bought me my birthday gift a couple of months ago. Isn’t he a good husband? He even left me a card when he headed back to work.
With Rachel’s Birthday and mine, so close it makes it an expensive month, but that’s just the way it lands. I had organised to go to LaSoiree Caberat at Downstairs at His Majesty’s theatre. Actually I just wanted to go the ‘Speak Easy’ event and it was only on over that 4 days which happened to include my birthday. We went to the Plenty Thai Restaurant down Shafto Lane (Thanks Kasandra for introducing me to it) which was really good and then headed over to His Majesty’s.
The Speak Easy was really good. It was small, intimate, very well choreographed and the band/singers were phenomenal. Love that type of show. Currently I’m trying to organise to go to another one at the end of September. I think has been my best birthday for cards. They are all fabulous. I have to say a special thanks to mum's one, it's a cat in a basket of wall and when you pull the cat out it meows the 'Happy Birthday' song. Awesome!!
And then there was this from Roger and his family:
Of course if that wasn’t enough culture for the month, I headed back to His Majesty’s on the Friday night for the ballet.  It was ‘La Fille mal gardee’ or ‘The Wayward Daughter’. I hadn’t been to a ballet in a long time. I really should go to more. It was very good. WA is certainly pulling its weight in the performing arts sector these days. I love the venue too. It always feels very grand in these old buildings. I feel so upper class.
Gosh this blog post is getting very long. This finally brings me to the current week. Nothing like over doing it. I spontaneously headed over to Rachel’s on Saturday and we ended up down at The Brook watching the All Blacks play Argentina. I haven’t watched sport let alone rugby live on TV for a long time; let a long being at the pub watching it. It was quite novel, though we are out of practice and we thought that the bar was very loud. Are we showing our age already?
I received this parcel from the Bruny Island Cheese Club in Tassie. I am not sure if any will be left for Reece...
This working week has been full on. Why is it that there is a lull at work and then all of a sudden you have four things demanding your attention all at once and need to have the same priority. On top of this I decided to paint the laundry. It has been two weeks since I finished the kitchen and the pain and drama had faded enough for me to enjoy the results. This is this is the last room that we are going to paint ourselves. We are hoping that we can get the whole bathroom done by contractors at some point in the future…. That may change but that’s the idea. Also I have been hanging off getting curtains for the lounge until the kitchen and laundry are done so we can get them all at the same time. This only leaves the ceiling to paint in these areas. Realistically it’s the flashing/balustrade (??) thing that needs done as the previous occupants didn’t do a very good job painting and it’s all over it and of course I have added to it, no where near as badly, but it should be done to give the house a finished/polished look.
I started on Saturday with puttying/sanding. Magnet was very interested in what I was doing since the laundry is his domain. He was all like, what are doing with my bed and litter tray… I moved the chest freezer into the middle of the kitchen which he thought was very convenient, a new perch for him to keep watch over his kingdom. I struggled to move the washing machine. Not that’s its heavy, just awkward and kept catching on the tiles. Magnet was not impressed by the noise or the water that sprayed out of the hoses when I detached them from the taps… Then I took the paint stuff out of the shed again and I am sure he was eyeing it up to see what he could do next.
It was actually much less eventful than the kitchen. He only really kept brushing his tail against the wall as he went in and out of the door. He pretty much sat at the bottom of the ladder making sure I was doing a good job. This did mean he was coated in a fine spray of white as I was.
I finished painting last night, so tonight I have to go home and take all the tape off and move everything back in there. Thank goodness. I think I was more than motivated last night to get it done, not necessarily because I wanted it over, but because I have a shortage of clean towels… I didn’t think that would be my motivation, but it really was.

I am looking forward to another break. The garden really needs some attention, we have had a couple of weeks with rain and I can’t see the roses for the weeds.