Wednesday, December 04, 2013

4 December 2013 The Month of Joy

This time of year is always busy and I am not sure why. The sun is shining most days now and with the longer evenings it is perfect to catch up with friends after work for a couple of drinks.
I know that I said that I should move on to knitting my nephews Christmas decorations, and I swear I did start. But I got side tracked by my pretty sewing machine… so this year’s decorations are sewn rather than knitted. I hope they aren’t disappointed.

I finally got around to buying myself my birthday present. I always knew what I was going to get myself. I was waiting for my bonus from work, but instead of them paying that to us we got pay cuts instead. This means I decided just to take the plunge and buy myself the overlocker anyway.
I have already had a play and it will take some practice. Though I can’t say that my sewing is all that good, but I am having fun trying different things. I made another playsuit.
Here is a photo of Evie wearing the first one I made. It was quite fiddly and I didn't really understand the instructions on how the two pieces fitted together so it is quite bulky around the waist. I don’t think she is worried about it though.
Here is the new one and it is a lot tidier than the first one. If I were to make it again, I might make a few more adjustments, but I might try to sew something else first. I am choosing projects mainly to expand my skills and practise different techniques since I am still a beginner. I will hopefully move onto more adult sized projects in the New Year.

I was just looking at my blog and realised that I have completed a few other things since I last posted. I made this t-shirt from an old shirt of mine. It is a size one but doesn't have the length as I ran out of material. I was interested in trying the cross over at the top and sewing with knits and adding the knit ribbing as bias. It was interesting and if I was to do it again, hopefully it will be tidier now that I have an overlocker.

The next thing I made was these bibs. I used towelling on the underside. I thought that it would be good for bibs as they will double as a cloth. Since I don’t have any kids I hope that is logical thinking.

These bibs went to a friend of Rachel’s that I knitted the wee singlet for.
Last night I put up the Christmas tree. I decided against putting on all the baubles that I own, so it looks pretty minimalist at the moment. I have put baubles into the vases and they look pretty cool.

 I am sad to say that I have only made it half-way through my last year’s New Year’s Resolution. I still have 3 weeks. I could do it. My resolution was to watch all of the James Bond Movies in order. I am only up to ‘Her Majesty’s Service’. I have been enjoying them though. 
It is the month of things happening, so I should be blogging more often. I hope so. I just realised I am going to post this without a picture of Magnet...

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Nola van Dam said...

Just caught up on your blogs. The sewing projects look very impressive.