Thursday, January 02, 2014

02 January 2014 A bright and shiny New Year!

2014!! Welcome, Welcome, to the New Year!
Have we all made New Resolutions? I failed my last year’s Resolution (see previous post). I think I will keep going with it but it won’t be this year’s Resolution. I am not sure what to do this year. Probably something sewing related.
My nephews received their Christmas Decorations. I know that the parents like that I send them, but I wonder as the boys get older that they just think that their auntie is a fuddy duddy. I actually have no problem being perceived like that though.  
A few projects have been completed. I finally finished the new sophisticate. It’s been buttoned and blocked, I think it turned out quite well. It stash busted just over two balls. I still have just under two balls left so maybe I will make a small top. This is a 12month size.

I made a new tunic size 12months. I really like this owl pattern. I love the colours. I still have a metre left of it.

I made 6 bibs and a new taggy blanket for Danielle. The blanket took nowhere as long as the previous versions. I think I have conquered these now.

Dani is due in March, with a wee boy. I am hoping that she likes these gifts. I had her over about 6 weeks ago and we were going through some of the things I have made previously and she is quite picky. A lot of things were classified as ‘too girly’, as either the material colours or the cut/style of the clothes. Therefore, I tried to make things she would actually use.
My friend Sue-ann is a clever ducky; she crocheted me these awesome bookmarks and Christmas decorations. They are so delicate, I love them.
Christmas was fun. Reece cooked pancakes first up and then we opened gifts. Reece bought me the new kindle and a grater. I can’t wait to try out the grater, it should make zesting easier. I bought Reece some Sourdough Bannetons. He has already tested it out and the bread came out real professional looking.
After gift exchanging, we headed off to mass. We tested out the church around the corner and I preferred it to the other one we had previously gone to. 
After Church, I rushed home and got cracking as I needed to boil potatoes and finish off the trifle. Reece did a major Tetris job of fitting gifts/food/overnight bags into the car for heading off to Rachel’s for Christmas lunch. Lunch was nice and relaxing with too much food and then too much alcohol. Luckily it wasn’t a 40 degree day. Our friends gave us board games, books, alcohol and chocolate. We all crashed at Rachel’s, no drink-driving for us. We did leave early the next day as it was the first time we have left Magnet at home over night.

He was fine, but stayed close to home on Boxing Day.

I have been working on the days in between the public holidays. I am saving up my annual leave. Not sure exactly where I am going and with whom but I want to go on holiday.

I think that’s about it for now. 
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Nola van Dam said...

A lovely Christmas. Magnet is such a cute cat.