Thursday, June 26, 2014

26 June 2014 More and more sewing

Last weekend I finished sewing two more JuneBug Dresses. I made them at the same time, which made it twice as fast. At this rate I am just going to have a lot of sewing that is size 2. That seems to be the size for free patterns. 
Again these pictures are front and then back of garment. I am also considering changing the buttons on the first dress. Maybe to yellow. What do you think? It might make the dress stand out a bit more. Though sometimes subtle is better.
This one turned out better than I thought. Sometimes I am not sure about my fabric choices with the pattern.
I cut out two more patterns to sew. One is a soft toy elephant and the other is called a 'Vintage Sack Dress'. They are from the same person who did the above pattern. I have chosen a pink gingham material for the sack dress. I didn't want to use pretty/more expensive fabric while I work it out. If I like it and want to make it again, I will use nicer material.
I am still knitting away. I should do more knitting while watching TV shows but I get so engrossed. Progress soon I swear.


chickenpickle said...

bags the elephant!

Linda Coatsworth said...

I love it and it looks very dainty for a very sweet girl if you know one.

How is magnet? Did he get the parcel open that he was sitting on to protect it from human hands?

Hugs Linda

Linda Coatsworth said...

I can see that Magnet knows where to find a comfortable bed. Not sure which one has the nicest texture!

Well done Karen getting the painting job done.

Hugs Linda