Wednesday, August 13, 2014

13 Aug 2014 Mid-August hmmmmm

It's almost the Middle of August. Does that alarm anyone? I think I should almost be thinking about what Christmas Decorations I should make this year. I know that the rest of the year is going to fly past as I already know that I have heaps of things organised. 
Sadly I don't have any crafty stuff to post about. I have kinda finished knitting the t-shirt vest thing. I am not sure about it though. I ran out of wool and it probably needed another inch on it. I am considering frogging the bottom and knitting more in a contrasting colour. I am also not sure about the arm holes. They are rather large. I feel like I f**ked up in the pattern somewhere, but I am not sure where. Maybe it will look better after sewing in ends, putting buttons on and blocking. All this means is that it is sitting in the 'Time Out' corner with me glaring at it thinking, why didn't you turn out like the picture...
I have the pieces of dress strewn around the floor of my craft room. I am nervous to start sewing my adult sized dress. I probably have too higher expectations for my first big project. I want it to fit properly. I know that I will end up having to do a lot of unpicking. I just need to take that first big leap and get on with it.
Spring is in the air here. We are having an unusually warm and dry August. I planted my tomato seeds the other day. I have them sitting inside in hopefully a sunny position. I had to guesstimate it in the evening. 
I finished pruning all my roses a couple of weekends ago and this sunshine is making me want to tidy up outside. I am hoping that I am motivated enough this weekend to get out the high pressure water hose to clean up the bricks in the courtyard. 
Reece is away for work at the moment. A three month contract doing 2 weeks away and 1 week off. He left on Monday for his first swing. Magnet is feeling quite lost without his buddy. I have been making videos of Magnet for Reece and putting them on YouTube. I wouldn't want Reece to feel like he is missing out on anything. Not that I am actually doing anything particularly exciting. I have been doing stuff around the house. I am definitely not doing much cooking. Eating lots of prepared meals in the freezer. 

Here are some cat pictures to keep you going. 

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Anonymous said...

It's all about the frogging this season man. Totes with a golden ball in his mouth. Conor